Elav has been in the field of industrial automation systems since 1981 and has been manufacturing extrusion lines for cable production since 2020.
With more than 40 years in the business, Elav has gained such knowledge as to provide an effective design activity that includes the engineering of the machinery, the definition of the operational phases, the realisation of a functional specification for PLC and supervision software, and the support to customers in the continuous improvement of their production processes.
Elav has constantly grown over time, developing its own business beyond its work in the plastics sector, especially in that of wires, acquiring an interesting mix of interdisciplinary know-how.
Flexibility, the ability of adapting to the needs of the client and the continual research into innovative technologies are the basis for the success of Elav.

Management holds the Certification UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 of the Quality Management System, a strategic opportunity to guide the company’s growth.
Management promotes a culture of quality, seeing as it believes that the quality in the making of products and services delivered by ELAV, is obtainable thanks only to the commitment of those who work in the company and for the company, in such a way as to improve its organisation and with a goal to reduce non-quality costs.
Management considers an efficient application of the Quality Management System a responsibility of the whole organisation and calls on all the staff of each level and rank to comply with its policies and observe what is defined in the Quality Management System within each member’s respective abilities and responsibilities.

Management believes that training and active participation of the staff in company choices is essential, in the knowledge that change is effective if everyone is a protagonist, considering that the QUALITY of the product/service and the SAFETY of the workers is achieved by those who perform and not those who supervise.

Elav sets its primary objectives for Company Policy as:

Elav Management makes this policy publicly available and does so as to make all levels of the organisation aware of it.

Approved by Elav Srl’s Management on 06/09/2022