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In the manufacturing sector, an increase in profits stems from production optimisation.
In order to achieve this, Elav® has developed Live Control, an advanced management software allowing to monitor and analyse all production data and ensure product traceability, increasing product quality and optimising all manufacturing processes
Live Control, specifically developed for plastic extrusion and cable production lines, offers customers a useful tool that not only supports system management, but also ensures a "management oriented to the optimisation of the manufacturing process”, thereby improving the entire production cycle.
All data collected can be exported or shared with ERP / MRP to be further analysed, so as to gain full control of the production process, from the management of raw materials to the monitoring of defects, all the way to product delivery to customers.
Elav® Live Control helps reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity thanks to real-time updates on production levels, waste values, and other KPIs which may have an impact on line performance.
Thanks to Live Control, a better traceability of the materials used can help manage raw materials more efficiently, reducing waste, eliminating overstock, and also reducing – in the latter case – potential equipment downtime.
Live Control: your production, live. Product details

Advanced technology in cable insulation

Expressly developed for Silane injection. Elav® patent pending Si-Jet is the ideal solution for cable insulation based on liquid Silane crosslinking technology.
The system is made of a highly reliable unit provided with a double check on Silane dosing, which offers high accuracy and repeatability, even at very low addition rates: these allow to increase the product consistency and quality, reducing the usage of raw materials.
The control of the Si-Jet system is deputed to a PLC unit that can be easily interfaced to existing lines, makes retrofitting easy to be performed.
Thanks to a combination of static and dynamic mixing techniques supported by an injection system integrated into the dynamic mixer used to wet all granules regularly, Si-Jet is able to homogeneously feed solid and liquid materials directly into the extruder.
This represents a real alternative to using compounds and a way to maximize earnings reducing the costs of raw materials.
Si-Jet can be used to dose almost any liquid, including any cross-linking agent since all parts in direct contact with the material are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and PTFE and any potentially flammable liquid is managed in inert atmosphere (using Nitrogen). Product details

The universal solution for cable marking

The production of cables is a sector characterised by fierce competition. To ensure a Company’s profitability, every single aspect of the production process must be highly efficient and accurately studied to the tiniest details.
Cable marking is a crucial stage of this process, and one in which no mistakes are allowed.
Elav® has developed and manufactured the right product to effectively respond to this need: MarkOne, the universal solution for cable marking.
MarkOne drastically reduces the chance of mistakes in cable marking, accurately managing the various processing stages - from the creation of the marking to printing. Moreover, it offers the great advantage of being easy to interface with the main types of printers and to integrate with the most common production management software applications.
MarkOne’s modular structure allows to use it in a wide range of production sectors in which product marking is a vital element. Product details