New life for old lines

Thanks to its deep knowledge of plastic extrusion and cable/wire manufacturing processes, the use of first class automation equipment and its team of skilled engineers, Elav is the top revamping specialist you need to boost the performance of your production line, cutting down power consumption and machine downtimes.
Through Live Control, Elav’s tailor made MES module expressly developed for plastic extrusion and cable/wire manufacturing lines, we are able to support our customers optimizing their productivity and increasing the traceability of their products.
Everybody knows that availability of the line is a key performance indicator: with our supervision modules Live Check and Planned Maintenance, combined with our remote assistance module Teleservice, we enable our customers to prevent costly machine downtimes and expensive interventions.
Office Station – Tablet – Mailing Facility, are just three possible solutions that allow our customers to get complete remote real time monitoring of their machines wherever they are.

Whether you need to boost the performance of a single-station machine or a complete, integrated multi-function production line, contact us now to learn how ELAV can help you reach your targets. Technical sheet


The companies that pursue the principle of social responsibility are increasingly aware of the need for energy saving policies. However, saving energy also means reducing costs. For this reason, research into - and the reduction of - energy waste as well as the use of energy-saving production processes and technologies are gaining more and more importance.
Elav® has always been very focused on energy saving, and it has studied and developed solutions that combine high performance with an energy consumption below standard values, allowing for an over-20% energy saving.
The use of cutting-edge technologies, like IR heating elements for the thermal regulation of extruders or the use of ‘torque’ engines, are examples of Elav®’s constant commitment to improving the production costs/final product ratio. Technical sheet

Process automation become user friendly

In the manufacturing sector, an increase in profits stems from production optimisation.
In order to achieve this, Elav® has developed Live Control, an advanced management software allowing to monitor and analyse all production data and ensure product traceability, increasing product quality and optimising all manufacturing processes
Live Control, specifically developed for plastic extrusion and cable production lines, offers customers a useful tool that not only supports system management, but also ensures a "management oriented to the optimisation of the manufacturing process”, thereby improving the entire production cycle.
All data collected can be exported or shared with ERP / MRP to be further analysed, so as to gain full control of the production process, from the management of raw materials to the monitoring of defects, all the way to product delivery to customers.
Elav® Live Control helps reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity thanks to real-time updates on production levels, waste values, and other KPIs which may have an impact on line performance.
Thanks to Live Control, a better traceability of the materials used can help manage raw materials more efficiently, reducing waste, eliminating overstock, and also reducing – in the latter case – potential equipment downtime.
Live Control: your production, live. Technical sheet

Your company always in your hands

TELESERVICE - THE NEW FRONTIER OF TELEASSISTANCE A system which, exploiting at best the opportunities offered by Internet, makes of your extrusion line a window on the web, reducing drastically the costs and increasing the telecontrol speed and the connection performances. Our designing and manufacturing technology widens the efficacy of the device because it concentrates the intelligence of the system in few points (all reachable by remote access) using components selected for this scope. Wide evolution in this way has been achieved cooperating with Siemens.
VIDEOSERVICE - Remote control by videocamera of the correct endling performance and line works.
MAILING FACILITY - An application that allows to send an e-mail in case of any previously defined event like an alarm, the end of production lot, a shift change, etc. Whenever such an event takes place, an e-mail will be automatically sent to your smart-Phone or tablet.